BOSSIP Exclusive Behind The Scenes With Jordin Sparks At “Double Tap” Video Shoot Feat 2 Chainz [Video]

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Jordin Sparks Double Tap single

BOSSIP Interviews Jordin Sparks About Being Grown, Single Life And New Music

A few weeks ago BOSSIP had the pleasure of interviewing Jordin Sparks on the set of her new video “Double Tap” featuring 2 Chainz which is set to drop very soon. We’re excited to see her moving in a new direction and can’t wait to share all the things we discussed. Check out part 1 of our EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes with Jordin!

Follow Jordin on Twitter and Instagram @JordinSparks and hit her up about her new single using the hashtags #watchmedoubletap and #doubletap

Jordin’s new album Right Here, Right Now album is coming this Spring!

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Summer Never Ends

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08.11.2014: Welcoming Change

Hello, dolls!!! :) Happy hump day! I woke up today with a weird feeling about today. I’ve been telling A how we have to embrace change if we want to grow. Although it hurts to move on from some of the things that we learned to appreciate, we have to leave room for better and bigger things. So I told myself that I can’t have a weird mood all day, so I claimed that we will receive good news before the day ends, and we did!!! A and I just looked at each other with utter amazement after that phone call that we received 5 min before we left our apartment. It’s a blessing right in front of our face, and all I can say is…great things happen those who believe in Him :)

I love how this week started, each of us received good news and…

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Hare Krishna! Humble and Feeling Good In a famous story from the…

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Hare Krishna! Humble and Feeling Good
In a famous story from the Mahabharata, Krishna once met with Yudhishthira Maharaja and Duryodhana. Desiring to glorify His devotee Yudhishthira, Krishna requested him to find a person lower than himself, and asked sinful Duryodhana to find a person greater than himself. Yudhishthira had all good qualities. He was peaceful and self-satisfied. No doubt he had healthy self-esteem. Yet he could not find anyone he considered lower than himself. Again, this is the example of an advanced Vaishnava who embodies genuine humility.
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The Sex Talk You Never Had With Your Parents

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The Sex Talk You Never Had With Your Parents

It’s time for a talk. The talk. Yep, S-E-X. Sure, your parents probably busted out the anatomy books when you were a kid. That goes there, those do that, etc. (Yuck!) And you may have taken some sex ed classes in school, or had frank discussions with your doctor. But here’s a dirty secret: When […]

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The West Could be Drawn Back Into Libya’s Chaos After Beheadings of Egyptian Christians

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For nearly four years, the West has largely stayed on the sidelines as Libya descended into post-revolution chaos. Now the bloody beheadings of a group of Egyptian Christians at the hands of Islamic State could draw the international community back into the densely complex tangle of fighting in the oil-rich North African nation. Egypt, seeking retribution for the cruelly cinematic execution of 21 Coptic men who had gone to Libya to work as laborers, carried out at least two waves of airstrikes Monday in neighboring Libya. The warplanes targeted what Egypt said were training camps and weapons caches belonging to a Libyan offshoot of Islamic State, which in recent months has made inroads in several parts of the country, seizing on the power vacuum left by the chaotic but so far inconclusive struggle among an array of competing militias. Click here to read more. The West Could be Drawn Back…

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Oscar Best Picture Recap: Who Will Win the 2015 Academy Award?

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By Brian Ives,

This year’sBest Picture nomineesat the 87th annualAcademy Awardsare a mixed bag of art films, films about art, films about fictional countries and films about real people, some of which look at unflattering aspects of heroes and at ugly points in American history.

Related:Five 2015 Academy Award Best Picture Snubs

They’re all great films, butonly one of the nominees was among 2014’s top grossers, and some of them may have left theaters before you had a chance to check them out.

Belowis our rundown of the nominees. (NOTE:Some trailers are NSFW.)


American Sniper

The only nominated film to land in theten top-grossing films released in 2014,Sniperis also the only non-fiction film in the top ten. The rest were adaptations of books, comic books or toys. It was also probably the most divisive Best Picture nominee…

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Egypt Sisi Islamic Reformer ISIS Terrorism

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Egypt Battles ISIS and Sharia Supremacism

by Andrew C. McCarthy

February 16th, 2015 – 9:50 am

via Egypt Sisi Islamic Reformer ISIS Terrorism | Ordered Liberty.

How does Egypt differ from Saudi Arabia and Qatar? Two ways: (1) It was not invited to join President Obama’s ballyhooed “coalition” of Arab Muslim states fighting against ISIS, and (2) it is actually fighting against ISIS.

Obama, of course, has aligned himself with the anti-American, anti-Western and anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood, which, like ISIS, wants to impose sharia globally. Thus the State Department continues to host and consult with the Brotherhood about the future of Egypt, even though the Brotherhood has been outlawed as a terrorist organization – the government it dominated having been ousted from power after millions of Egyptians took to the streets to demand its removal.

Meanwhile, the new government of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who was elected by a…

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