A Good Day for a Cookout

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DSC_5339 (1600x1060)Thighs are the best part of a chicken.  These are bone in and they still have their skins and are perfect for a bbq.  Cast iron works great on a grill, these beans will have a smokey flavor because of that chunk of hickory I have in the smokebox over one of the burners.DSC_5452 (1600x1060)Bonus Butterfly!  I just like the look of this one.  That’s a Yellow Swallowtail on purple cone flowers.

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Police: Pressure Cooker In Suspicious DC Vehicle Destroyed

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJZ) — A scare in Washington this weekend ahead of a big Memorial Day concert.

Capitol police discovered a pressure cooker in a parked car on the National Mall Sunday.

Mary Bubala reports.

Authorities became suspicious after seeing the device and smelling gasoline, so they called in a bomb squad to handle the situation.

It all happened just wet of the U.S. Capitol building, when officers noticed a suspicious vehicle parked between Jefferson and Madison drives.

Authorities locked down 3rd Street between Independence and Constitution avenues amid the annual Memorial Day concert on the National Mall — the bomb squad worked the scene.

Three hours later the pressure cooker was destroyed.

No one was hurt. Police have arrested the owner of the vehicle, a Virgina man, charged with driving with a revoked license.

Pressure cookers have been used as a took for terrorists — like in the 2013…

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What Does Memorial Day Mean?

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“Memorial Day will be celebrated … by the usual betrayal of the dead, by the hypocritical patriotism of the politicians and contractors preparing for more wars, more graves to receive more flowers on future Memorial Days. The memory of the dead deserves a different dedication. To peace, to defiance of governments.”

—-Howard Zinn


There has been a campaign on social media to promote something called the “Go Silent” campaign. As to this “Go Silent” campaign to ask for a moment of silence on memorial day; I will not be taking part because I find this request insulting and condescending to the people of the US. We The People have the right to free speech, we have the right to speak out against the injustice being perpetrated against innocent people all over the world by the US Military in the service of US Government/Corporate interests. I will use tomorrow to speak…

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Being Christian: A Way of Life

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This is part 3 of 3 in a series on Being Christian.

Jesus come follow meWhat is God calling us to? God’s call is sometimes to something very specific like being a teacher or parent or chemist. Those calls involve an assessment of our gifts and abilities, and prayerful discernment. But what God ultimately calls all of us to is a way of life – a way of being in the world and a way of being with others. When Jesus called his disciples he may have said, “Follow me” but they didn’t necessarily know exactly what they were getting into. When we’re called there’s a chance we can operate out of a sense of fear. We might be afraid to listen to God’s voice because we’re afraid of what God might ask of us. What if God asks us to leave everything behind? When Jesus said “Follow me” he was calling his disciples…

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Free Speech Takes Huge Hit as Oakland Implements Anti-Protest Curfew

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By John Vibes | The Free Thought Project | May 24, 2015

Oakland, CA — This week, the mayor of Oakland has decided to use an old and unknown law to impose an anti-protest curfew to keep demonstrators off the streets at night.

This curfew does not apply to everyone in the city, only those who are involved in organized protests. Mayor Libby Schaaf put the order into effect in the midst of this week’s #SayHerName protest where women and children peacefully protested victims of police brutality.

During the demonstration, protesters were prevented from marching to the police station and were threatened with arrest if they stepped off of the sidewalk. Police informed protesters through a giant sound system that their march was not permitted, and that they could be arrested under Vehicle Code Section 2800, which makes it illegal to disobey anything a police officer says.

Cat Brooks, one of…

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“An Affront To The Power Of The Press”: The Political Media Don’t Like Hillary Clinton. But What If She Doesn’t Need Them?

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Hillary Clinton doesn’t like the media, and they don’t like her. Both have legitimate reasons for feeling as they do, but there’s no getting around that simple fact. Clinton’s grievances go back two and a half decades, and what has reporters agitated at the moment is that Clinton is making it difficult for them to do their jobs, by not talking much to the them or providing the steady stream of public events out of which they can write stories.

Their frustration is starting to bubble to the surface. New York Times reporter Jason Horowitz, following Clinton in Iowa, wrote a story today about how her campaign is keeping reporters at arm’s length, then tweeted a link to the story with the description: “Queen Hillary and the Everyday Americans of the Round Table distribute alms to the clamoring press.”

But if Clinton is overly concerned about their feelings, it’s hard…

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ISIS slaughters 400 mostly women and children in ancient Syria city of Palmyra — Dead line the streets

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  • State TV reporting victims are believed to be government loyalists
  • Follows execution of 300 pro-government soldiers in historic settlement 
  • Jihadi fighters previously warned residents against sheltering troops
  • Black ISIS flag hoisted over an ancient citadel after taking over city

Islamic State militants have executed at least 400 mostly women and children in Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra.

Eye-witnesses have reported the streets are strewn with bodies – the latest victims of the Islamic State’s unrelenting savagery.

It follows the executions of nearly 300 pro-government troops two days after they captured the city, symbolised by a black ISIS flag flying above an ancient citadel.

Scroll down for video 

Takeover: ISIS raised their flag over an ancient citadel in Palmyra while state telvision is reporting they have killed hundreds of women and children

Syrian state television announced the massacre, saying it was quoting residents inside the city, which…

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