Somebody here From…?

I am tired of the large number of attempts in order to the best of my life and I smiled whenever life happens not expect.


Is it because I am not a fortune luck ??!!

I do not have   only my share part of house, but between me and my brothers and some other very weak material resources.

I am at the age of 56 and two children and wife

Part-time work and others do not

I tried to request immigration to the United states did not have any luck in Australia or Zealand!!

MY Daughters   are intelligent I want to give them the future


But how??????

3 thoughts on “Somebody here From…?

  1. One thing that helps the future for children is to be the best loving and caring and supportive parent you can. Making sure they have the education and life skills to sustain themselves after we are gone is quite an admirable legacy. Live an upright, just and wholesome life as father and the children will blossom well. Most of all nurture love of reading.

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