Miss USA


Tonight we indulged in one of my “guilty pleasures” — the Miss USA Pageant. I love beauty pageants, no matter how politically correct the current phrasing might be (i.e., “scholarship pageant”). I love the glitz, the glamour, the small-town-girl vs. big-city-girl action, the pageant hopefuls and their supportive, giddy family members. I love the back stories that each contestant brings with her, and in my heart of hearts I wish each girl could win.

I picked my winner right off the bat because she had that remarkable combination of beauty, poise, and charm. And being Miss Louisiana, she was the home town favorite, as well. At each stage of the judging her elegance and loveliness was outstanding. She made the first cut to twenty, which came as no surprise. After the swimsuit competition she made the cut to ten (as did my second choice, Miss Nevada, and my third choice…

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