Israeli audience gets a taste of Jewish Voice for Peace’s brand of betrayal

ArchitectGuy on Israel

by Yitzhak Santis
July 22, 2015

Israel’s Channel 2 recently dedicated a full 15 minutes to the anti-Israel group Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). Reporter Danny Kushmaro brought to an Israeli audience awareness of “the Jews that stand behind the boycott of Israel.” For me, a longtime “student” of JVP, as well as many Americans, there would be little surprise to hear the venomous rhetoric disgorged by JVP activists. For an Israeli audience that never heard of JVP, however, the reaction had to have been nothing short of shock and a profound sense of betrayal. For decades, I lived in JVP’s cradle, the San Francisco Bay Area, and watched it grow in the 1990s from a small living room coffee klatch calling for a two-state solution to what it is today: a national organization with a multi-million dollar budget that has formally endorsed the full Boycott…

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