Crackdown on China’s Human Rights Lawyers: 1.3 billion Chinese lose national governance based on law

Peace and Freedom


Asahi Shimbun

July 10 is now known as “Black Friday” by people concerned about human rights in China.

On that day, police detained human rights lawyers and activists in various parts of the nation in a large-scale concerted crackdown on people working for the cause.

Chinese authorities have continued the roundup in the ensuing days, interrogating more than 200 people so far. This is an outrageous act that cannot be overlooked.

The main target of the crackdown is Fengrui, a law firm in Beijing. People linked to Fengrui are still being held in custody.

Those who were rounded up in other parts of the nation, such as Hunan province, Shanghai and Henan province, are suspected to have links to Fengrui.

These civil-rights lawyers have been acting as defenders of the rights of ordinary people petitioning the authorities in various cases, including forced evictions from their homes.

The lawyers play…

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