Tidbit Tuesday – ‘It should be 18+ but isn’t’ edition!


But I Smile Anyway...


It came yesterday…The letter!

You know how much I am dreading this time…See here!, and we have also already had a taster! Check that out too!

Yup, today the Sex Ed lessons started!  He is in fits of giggles at the thought of everything that the teacher says! Today they drew the dreaded diagrams of a penis, vagina and “boobies”!

The next step was kinda a brain storming session to see what everyone knew already, correct or otherwise…

Apparently the Birds And the Bees has something to do with SEX! Which is “Disgusting!” though when I asked him, he said he didn’t know why it was disgusting! Oh and kissing is involved. And you need sex for a baby, and sex is basically a boy and a girl… as in gender!

Though, and don’t ask me where this came from, definitely not the teacher, but one of the…

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