Nigerian Bishops Western LGBT Imperialism*

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Nigerian Bishops Western LGBT Imperialism*

genderThe Nigerian Catholic Bishops Conference has made a forthright defence of the institution of marriage, following the U.S. Supreme Court decision redefining the institution and an Irish popular referendum ushering the new definition of marriage into the Emerald Isle.

“The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria would like to once again reiterate the perspective of the Church on more recent developments concerning the sanctity and dignity of human life and the institutions of marriage and the family all across the world,” reads the statement signed by Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama of Jos, president of the Nigerian Bishop’s Conference, and Conference Secretary Bishop William Avenya of Gboko.

The Nigerian bishops write in the statement, released on Wednesday, that the intensifying homosexual political pressure “will tend to provoke a notable and rapid shift in public opinion about the nature and meaning of marriage and family as it has been…

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