Outcry Grows After EU Gives Green Light to TTIP*

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Outcry Grows After EU Gives Green Light to TTIP*

A Friends of the Earth activist said politicians ignoring public outcry about the TTIP will only strengthen opposition to the deal.

After the European Parliament approved the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership on Wednesday, civil society organizations and social movements have again expressed widespread concerns about public health, the environment, and other issues to be impacted by the deal.

The EU body gave the green light to the much-debated deal, despite having called for the TTIP’s U.S.-supported investor-state trade dispute mechanism be replaced with a different system.

Even though the EU had challenged a key U.S. feature of the trade pact, European civil society groups have slammed the vote for not doing enough to reject the investor-state settlement and turning a blind eye to the public outcry over the undemocratic nature of the deal

“The people of Europe are rightly concerned about the threat…

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