An Opium User in Broghil Valley

I.A.D.C Inc. USA

The mystical valley of Broghil (also called Bam-e-Duniya the roof of the world) is located in the extreme northeast of ____ 250 km form tha nearest large city of Chitral. Broghil valley sits at 11000 ft and rises to 14121 ft at upper reaches of the hospitable or pasture land. The valley is characterized by snow clad peaks; huge glaciers, lash green meadows, vast plains of peats, unique wetlands and deep reverine valleys. The valley is undulating – varying in altitude and span considerably. Forests are scare and are found in limited and scattered patches in the lower parts of the valley which are located at low altitude. Glaciers fill the upper reaches of Broghil valley.

The Boroghil River originates from Chiantar Glacier and dominates the valley, bisecting it in two. Six villages of Broghil valley are located on the eastern bank of the river while the rest six are…

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