Sightings of Michelle Obama in a swimsuit as rare as Big Foot’s

Fellowship of the Minds

Michelle “Michael” Obama is proud of her physique, and is not shy showing it off.

In 2012, she even performed push-ups on the Ellen DeGeneris TV show.

Mooch is especially proud of her toned arms, so much so she makes sure they’re seen by displaying them in sleeveless clothing spring, summer, fall, and winter. Here she is in a sleeveless dress in the freezing cold of Washington, D.C. in December 2010, at the White House Christmas Tree ceremony and posing for the Obamas’ official Christmas card:

Christmas 2010Official holiday pic of the Obamas, before they took off for balmy Hawaii.

She also isn’t shy about showing off her legs and thighs, as in these two pics of  her in shorts:

Michelle Obama in shorts (2)

So why does Mooch shy away from being seen in a swimsuit/bikini, even though the Obamas spend every Christmas-New Year break — at great cost to taxpayers — in sunny balmy Hawaii?

Barack and the daughters would go to the beach, but not Mooch.

Obama in swim trunk

It’s not…

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