New Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Is Destroying Everyone In The Race

The Fifth Column

(AFP Photo/Nicholas Kamm)


If today’s polling is any indication, there isn’t a single Republican that stands a chance of becoming president. Hillary Clinton beats every single candidate, including the GOP frontrunners and (unfortunately, perhaps, in the eyes of some progressives) Bernie Sanders.

Compared to the massive Republican presidential field, the Democratic field is very small and not very competitive. According to theNBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Clinton is winning in a potential primary vote by 75 percent. Bernie Sanders is currently sitting at 15 percent, despite articles like this claiming that Hillary will lose.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bernie Sanders and I think he would make a great president. He also has momentum on his side, while Hillary’s support could remain relative stagnant because she’s so well-known. But he has an uphill battle if he’s going to seriously challenge Clinton. Therefore to make it…

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