Pre Game Playlist: “Spitting A Few Bars” With Jets Safety Calvin Pryor

CBS Connecticut

New York Jets safety Calvin Pryor has one playing style, but many different styles of music.

?I would describe my music taste as a mixture,? Pryor said. ?People think I?m a rap guy, but I?m more of an R&B guy.?

Artists like Trey Songz and Chris Brown are a couple of Pryor?s favorites.

One hidden talent Pryor possesses that many do not know of is his ability to rap.

?I can spit a few bars if I?m in the studio or in the booth,? Pryor said.

Songs like ?Faneto? by Chief Keef and ?Big Daddy? by Nicki Minaj are two songs that get Pryor pumped up, especially before going to the club.

Pryor will rap along to those kinds of songs, but don?t count on him dancing to them.

?I won?t consider myself a dancer, but I go out to night clubs a lot with my friends,? Pryor noted.


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