Saudi preacher proves that the Earth is immobile


Why Evolution Is True

Here’s another two-minute MEMRI clip showing the clash between the Qur’an and science. In this case the preacher doesn’t even try to reconcile the discrepancies, but just punts on the science. He asserts, in response to a written question, that the Earth doesn’t move, and by that he means it neither rotates on its axis nor orbits the Sun. His “proof,” involving an airplane flight between Saudi Arabia and China, is hilarious. And then, for good measure, he throws in denialism about the U.S. moon landing.

Notice how he denigrates “The Westerners” and their theories; this reflects the anti-modernism that is inherent in radical Islam, and partly accounts for its hatred of the West.

Bandar Al-Khaybari, a preacher with the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Al-Madina, claimed that the Earth is fixed and does not revolve around itself, during a series of lectures held in the Sharjah emirate, between January…

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