Come Thou Fount

Meredith's Reveries

This is the story of Robert Robinson author of the hymn Come Thou Fount.

I was eight year’s old when my Father died. I wish I could say I shouldered the responsibility of a man and helped my mother. That was not the bent of my personality. I was defiant, and it is said bright. I caused my mother more grief than just the death of my father. After seven years of struggle she had an opportunity to send me to London to learn the trade of barbering.

London in 1749 offered more temptation than I could handle. Instead of the steady hand of an older man helping me find my way, it only occupied me in finding devious ways I could devote myself to mischief. Drinking and gambling after hours with others became a daily pursuit.

My friends and I plotted to go to an evangelistic meeting one night to…

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