Yemen falls to Iran in regional proxy war

Peace and Freedom

The Jerusalem Post

The situation in “Yemen is already like Syria,” Tel Aviv University researcher tells the ‘Post.’


A woman holds the Yemenite national flag. (photo credit:REUTERS)

The toppling of the Yemeni government by Iranian backed Shi’ite Houthis has upped the ante in the regional sectarian Sunni-Shi’ite struggle, which is increasingly resembling the ongoing civil war in Syria.

Yemen is perfectly set to become a sectarian war on steroids – meaning the attraction of millions of dollars more, transferred to various proxy forces in the country.

Sunni states are likely to dramatically increase support for their brothers in the country, not holding back funds from jihadists and other Islamists just as has been done in Syria.

Iran and its allies in the region are not going to sit by idly either.

And then there is the question of the world superpowers, which we can expect will intervene as they…

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