11 Articles on 9/11 Without Planes


Dylan Eleven  Truth11.com

We are as a planet mostly all aware that 9/11 was a controlled demolition that resulted in 3 buildings collapse.  We understand that this was planned and carried out by the US government as a false flag event to enable the police state and fake perpetual war on terror.  We know that no plane hit the Pentagon or building 7, but what about the planes that we have all seen footage of hitting the twin towers.  Many have come forward with the notion that there was actually no planes present in those towers either.

Here is 11 articles investigating this.


This footage shows an non edited timeline showing the second explosion without a plane.


Mysterious Ball Object Seen Flying Over WTC on 9/11 Part 1 – New Uncovered Footage

The footage we have all seen on 9/11 have been edited to hide what really had happened…

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