José González- Vestiges & Claws – Album Review

No More Workhorse

Jose Gonzales

José González – Vestiges & Claws – Album Review

It’s ten years since the release of Veneer (2005), José’s first and break through album. The song ‘Heartbeats’, a cover version of a song by The Knife, became an international success and fronted several advertisement campaigns. Since then he released one album as José González, the 2007 ‘In Our Nature’. That is not to say he has been resting on his laurels, as he has featured on several collaborations including the band Junip with Tobias Winterkorn and Zero 7. This new album is similar in form and style to what has gone before, but possibly due to the long wait between albums, there is something warm and refreshing about it.

The album is almost exclusively acoustic guitar and José’s own voice. Guitar forms the over whelming majority of the instrumentation, a complex plucked sound, sometimes with solo guitar but on other tracks…

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