Hooked – Viking Theatre – Review

No More Workhorse


Hooked – Viking Theatre – Review by Frank L.

Feb 2 – 21

Written by Gillian Grattan.
Directed by Don Wycherley.
Starring Steve Blount. Tina Kellegher,Séana Kerslake.

Everyone has secrets. Each constructs a story to hide their secret or creates obstacles to prevent their secret being revealed. Tom (Steve Blount) is married to Mary (Tina Kellegher); their sole child has left home and lives in Amsterdam. They are living somewhere in a village in the South East situate on a river. To an outsider they appear to be the so-called normal married couple relatively content plodding through their middle years. A new neighbour Lydia (Seana Kerslake) in her mid-twenties arrives; she has a son aged four who lives with his father in Dublin as she, because of an illness, was unable to look after him. Those are the patent facts; the latent facts tell different stories.

The set consists of…

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