One thought on “See Photos of Vintage Coca-Cola Signs from New York City to Bangkok

  1. Reblogged this on Texas Poetry and commented:
    This Reblog on the Cola signs is misleading by this WordPress member who has become a follower of my site. Going just past the posting you will come across a posting that basically attacks the Jewish Nation. A posting showing the flag of Isarel in a Toliet, and a nude little boy pissing on the Flag of Isarel. One of the reasons I have removed the “Likes” posting ability off my poetry site is that I have a feeling like all media in this country, the ISIS terrorist are using the WordPress platform for communication between themselves. Hopefully, the CIA and FBI will take a closer look at this individual and observe why his “following posting” cannot be Reblogged. I myself am a retired Cathoic and think of myself still as a Christian who believes Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. I have asked this jerk to unfollow me. His “respect” comment on his blog site is strickly a ploy and misleading. What he reposts shows his hate for both Christianity and the Jewish Nation, which I believe is the United States closest friend in the world in spite of President Obama. If anyone can advice me on how to block a “Follower” I would be appreciative.


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