730 Days in Senegal

Resting in His Grace

The following article was stolen borrowed from our dear friends who are faithfully walking with Jesus in Senegal, Africa. You can read more of their life on mission at All Senegal for Christ.

DSC_1433Two years spent in Senegal translates out to 730 days. Just for fun, we tried to quantify what that experience was like. While some of these numbers are estimates (I mean let’s be real, who actually counts how many mornings they eat bread?) we feel like this is a pretty good reflection of the…how shall we say it…”it’s not bad, it’s just different” nature of life here in southern Senegal. So, here is two years/730 days in southern Senegal by the numbers:

690 mornings that we ate French baguettes. Yea, I am sure that some of you are like, “Wow, I would love a French baguette for breakfast!” Sure, baguettes are good, but try one for…

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