Whoops, Our Bad! Meteorologists Apologize For Exaggerating Northeast Blizzard Forecast


 New York Blizzard

Meteorologists Apologize For Northeast Blizzard Flub

A number of meteorologists up the East Coast are apologizing for flubbing their forecasts on the “Storm Of The Century.” Hundreds of thousands of people are blasting their local weathermen after they expected a “historic blizzard” and instead got a light dusting of snow.

NY Daily News reports:

They can’t win ’em all, but give them credit for being honest.

Meteorologists across the Northeast were apologizing Tuesday morning after the so-called “Storm of the Century” proved to be less than historic.

Blizzard warnings that called for up to 3 feet to fall in New York City led officials to close schools, cancel flights and institute statewide travel.

But the snowstorm did not pummel parts of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania with the same punch that forecasters had predicted — though it was delivering as advertised in eastern Long Island and in New…

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