Comparison shave of two open-comb iKons, two Omega brushes

Later On

SOTD 27 Jan 2015

A couple of comparisons, and we’ll do brushes first. I like a knot that is soft and fluffy because (a) it feels better on my face (personal preference) and (b) it makes lather at least as efficiently as a stiffer, denser knot—e.g., deeper set, shorter loft—(objective fact). So I worked up an instant good lather from Strop Shoppe’s Barbershop Special Edition soap. I was ruminating on Wicked_Edge that, really, with the latest generation of artisanal soaps, we’ve never had it so good: absolutely first rate soaps, better than almost all commercial shaving soaps (certainly Creed makes a good shaving soap—but at 5 times the price).

The Barbershop fragrance is very pleasant, and the lather was wonderful. Now to the brushes:

The Omega S-Series Beehive model did the usual excellent job, and felt very nice on my face—but it could not match the feel of the Omega silvertip badger. Now that…

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