Athletes & Hoes: 19-Year-Old Blonde Becky Brags On Tinder Giants Baller Odell Beckham Smashed Her To Smithereens!



Blonde Says She Had Sex With Odell Beckham On Tinder

Swipe left!

Via Baller Alert reports:

Odell Beckham is fine, I cannot tell a lie, but what is it about him that has all of these women running their mouth? In the last few weeks we’ve had two women run their mouth on social media about supposedly having sex with the New York rookie. First on Twitter, now on Tinder.

Stephanie is a 19 year old who, like many, joined Tinder. On Tinder, most people post a photo of themselves with a short bio, that they hope will attract people to “swipe right” (or like their page for those who don’t have the app). Stephanie’s photo is one of her giving a grinning Odell a smooch on the cheek. Her bio reads “I f*cked Odell Beckham Jr…..get on my level c*nts”
Well, alrighty then.

She certainly looks like Odell’s…

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