A snow day to end all snow days

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Within a few hours, we, who are located on the east coast, are scheduled to be hit with the worst snow storm in history.

Usually, when there is a forecast for snow, the kids put a silver spoon under their pillows (and wear their pajamas backward) in supplication to the Gods of School Cancellings. This time, I don’t think they even need to bother. We’re expected to get WALLOPED with up to 3 feet of snow (depending on which news channel you follow.)

For us Granite staters, this is not as big a threat as it might be for those people living in a city. We’re kind of used to snow. We know that when the forecast predicts a serious winter storm, it’s time to stock up on candles, easily grillable items, and water. We move the snow shovels near the front door. We know to locate the stack of…

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