Say, I am all religions and at least I’m Charles Hebdo only!!!!!!!

Since several days rose up world leaders and peoples because of the terrorist act that took place in Paris and claimed the lives of 17 people.

And the next day the massacre occurred in Nigeria claimed dozens of lives!!!!!!!!!

The world did not rise up and not even a small guard house in front of vile despicable any city in the world!!!!!!!!!!B6_0_NlCEAA9OLx

Raised a question on the social networking sites Why did an event with Nigeria, as happened with France????

The answers are very similar to!!!!!

*West is not responsible for what is happening in Nigeria permission to put NATO forces in Africa

* Union Europe   to have enough problems So why send troops to Syria, Iraq, Libya, Mali and the rest of Asia???10926226_782011825220850_7815598913311806206_n

Re liked this German Muslim world when asked about terrorism and Islam, said: who started the First World War? Are not Muslims? Who started the Second World War? Are not Muslims! Killed about 20 million indigenous Australians? Are not Muslims! Who fired the nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Are not Muslims! The killing of more than 100 million Indian red in North America? Are not Muslims! The killing of more than 50 million Indian red in South America? Are not Muslims! Of enslaved more than 180 million Africans and threw 88% of those who were killed in the Atlantic Ocean? Are not Muslims! No they are not Muslims! First, you must define the term terrorism! If the work of non-Muslims is a crime .. But if the Muslims the same work is terrorism! So we must define our principles and then discuss this topic! I am proud that I am a Muslim .. not you also

Like · · 10905987_781475211941178_6797554226911637394_n10906081_781475328607833_628940814768383818_n10354238_781474091941290_3934209265490959908_n

The personal gold like Netanyahu hands contaminated with the blood of innocent thousands of Palestinians Bahark in fighting terrorism it’s funny!!!!!!!!!!!

But I go back and remember it’s politics a dirty game, and will remain, and everybody knows it, but

Life will continue to be so that God will deliver us from this sordid world


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