The Shavecraft #102 head on the Parker 26C handle

Later On

SOTD 2 Jan 2015

I’ve been recommending the Parker 26C as a beginner razor, and since I routinely recommend a slant for a second razor, it occurred to me that the Shavecraft #102 slant is a bargain at $48 for the head alone compared to $45 for a Merkur 37C. (In my experience, the #102 is a superior slant, but keep in mind YMMV.) But, of course, the #102 slant head does require a handle.

But if the first purchase was a Parker 26C, perhaps that handle could serve for the #102 as well. (Some handles—e.g., the handle of the Edwin Jagger DE86bl (faux-ebony handle)—are too light for the weight of the #102 head.) So I decided to try it, as shown: Parker 26C handle, #102 head

The prep was a pleasure with my Mr Pomp brush and Tcheon Fung Sing, and artisanal Italian shaving soap. Very nice lather indeed.

The handle and the…

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