Big Idea 2015: It’s Time for Political Leaders to Work Together


I believe the topic for this month is the one big fantasy for 2015 (well, something like that). So here it is: my idea is that our political leaders actually work together to address the nation’s challenges. As opposed to elected officials acting as if parties that alternate winning by a small margin every two years always have a mandate to have things their own way.

So let’s willingly suspend disbelief for a moment or two and imagine that in 2015, a sudden surge in bipartisan spirit will enable the United States to:

  • Recommit to educating our children so we remain competitive in the world economy for decades to come
  • Invest in our failing infrastructure so that in addition to preserving our bridges, roads and buildings for the long term we will promote employment for the short term
  • Pass budgets, manage debt ceilings and fund essential programs without histrionics and…

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