Congress Passes Bill Declaring Israel Special Type of Ally

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

by Jason Ditz
December 04, 2014
Thanks to C.

Bill Creates Whole New Class of Allies Just for Israel

Congress pushed through the US-Israeli Strategic Partnership Act this week, a bill which creates a new class of special ally within the law called a “major strategic partner,” which only Israel will occupy.

Israel had officially been a “major non-NATO ally” since 1989, a position which included 15 nations in total and which entitles them to myriad benefits including priority delivery of arms purchases.

But with Ukraine, Georgia, and even Moldova being pushed as new “major non-NATO allies” the list was getting pretty watered down, so Congress has created a whole new class above that just for Israel.

The new class increases the amount of “emergency” US weaponry stashed in Israel, just months after Israel controversially raided that stockpile for the Gaza War, and provides guaranteed…

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