White Sammy Sosa Seemed To Enjoy Art Basel Last Night (When He Ditched His Wife)

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I’m not sure how Sammy Sosa ended up in two different shirts and coats last night at Art Basel parties in Miami, but that’s exactly what went on with Slammin’. The big difference with the suits is that he wore the one with a tie while he was at a party with his wife. She’s not in the photos where Slammin’ isn’t wearing a tie. Maybe she went home to be with the kids while Sam went partying with his rich bros.

As for this Art Basel thing, if you’re not into being a rich Miami dbag, it’s probably not your scene. If trying to out dbag the guy next to you sounds like fun, Art Basel is for you.

Rich people walk around acting like they’re really into art, but they’re really just trying to figure out which person they want to sleep with at the end of the…

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