At What Age should your kids go on a date

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At what age should kids start dating?  It’s a conversation most parents don’t look forward to having with their teens, but therapist Leslie Gustafson is here to help in our “At What Age” series.

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When Should A Teen Start Dating
1.)  The Question parents need to ask is in deciding on the age is, Can my teen date maturely, safely and respect agreed upon guidelines?
2.)  Every teen’s individual difference needs to be considered, but we know that teens are still maturing emotionally and that their brains are still
developing into their 20’s which shapes their decision making abilities.
3.)  The Early teen years,  ages 13 -15 should be spent engaging in group activities with both girls and guys. This provides teens with the opportunity
to get to know the opposite sex generally without the pressure of being in a one to one situation. Liking and crushes…

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