Love & Squalor in the Middle East, Part II

burns the fire

A shy Bedouin boy was stabbed to death in the Negev desert of Israel/Palestine. At night, in front of the fire he built, by the stranger he invited to share his food and tea. His name was Awwad Amrana, and he was 13.

A spirited Jewish girl grew up near Awwad’s camp. They were friends, she was close to his mother Frazah and their family. When he was killed, she identified his body at the morgue. Her name was Tali Goodfriend, and she was 13.

The following is a sequel to that story.


The phone rings through the halls of the school in Montreal. Tali, 37, is with her students, at work. It is the Israeli Embassy in Ottawa. The other teachers are alerted, the receptionist calls for Tali, and tells her to sit down. They hold her in a circle, her heart clangs. Another boy she loves…

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