Sarah Silverman Hosts SNL: What Were the Best and Worst Sketches?


Is success really the best revenge? Sarah Silverman certainly made a case for the old adage when she returned this week to Saturday Night Live — after lasting for only one season as a featured player in the early ’90s — and proved herself a rock-solid host able to score laughs across a variety of setups.

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Oh sure, the show’s writing staff squandered several solid ideas by failing to push them to their most outrageous end points — the “Whites” ad and Vitamix infomercial were amusing when they should’ve/could’ve been uproarious — but you can’t pin those issues on Silverman.

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Below, my picks for the week’s best and worst sketches (in an episode I’d grade as a solid ‘B’).

BEST | Joan Rivers in Heaven
Silverman captured the late, groundbreaking comic’s gruff…

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