The terribly painful courtroom moments as McDonnell processes verdict

[ooyala code=”hjN3IzcDqpQbPA1DAmscoIkuSvtSHQR4″ player_id=”6c21d43b06ee4460a29e40d9542c86ae”]RICHMOND, Va. — The moment the clerk read the jury’s verdict that shifted Robert McDonnell  and his wife Maureen from former state leaders into convicted felons guilty of federal corruption charges was likely to most emotional of the entire trial.

For days former governor Bob McDonnell walked down the street toward the courthouse, and told reporters that he believed justice was on his side, along with the Lord. After 17 hours of deliberation,  he found a different hand dealt; one much harsher than the original plea deal of one felony that was first offered to him.

When he entered the courtroom, he was confident. Inside the courtroom McDonnell rocked gently in his chair before the hearing began, staring straight ahead.

As the clerk read the first guilty verdict for count one, several members of the audience began to cry, along with his daughter. Their sobs could be heard…

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