After Celebrity Photo Hack, Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Video Looks Even More Provocative


Pop quiz: What’s the most important scene in Nicki Minaj’s colorful, not-safe-for-work “Anaconda” video? Is it when she gives an overwhelmed Drake an enthusiastic lapdance and slaps his hand away at the last minute, just as he reaches for her body? Or is it when she suggestively brings a banana to her mouth before deciding instead to mince it, slicing it with a knife and chucking it like a piece of trash? Both would be acceptable answers, and they share the same message: You may enjoy what I do, but make no mistake — this isn’t for you.

Minaj is not the first artist to write a song about her butt, nor will she be the last, nor is this even the first time she’s tried to flip the male gaze on its head through a bait-and-switch. (See the stark and violent clip for “Lookin Ass,” a song which makes…

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