A War Between Good and Evil

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Whether Obama admits it or not, we are at war extremist Islam, Islam the way Mohammad himself practiced it; Islam the way Al Qaeda, Taleban, Boka Haram, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIL practice it. It is a war of ideologies; of good and evil; creation and destruction; harmony and disharmony, progressiveness and backwardness, freedom and oppression… and it has very physical attributes.

islam3  boko-haram  islamic-radicalsjihadspeech

The enemy lives for death. It lives to steal the lives and goods of innocents belonging to other faiths and non-faiths. Some it beheads. It puts the heads of adults on pikes along roadside. It puts the heads of children on pikes that are placed around parks where these children used to play. It rounds up and shoots long lines of helpless captives whose bodies are let to fall and rot in ditches.

 Jihadi  isis-beheadingisis-heads-in-syria-1  Y5WwXzE

Others, mostly women and little girls, it sells into sex slavery…

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