Yezidis Fight for Survival: “Convert to Islam or Die”

Chainsoff's Blog

In January, Mirza Ismail married his wife, Nofa Kamal, in Sinjar, Iraq, near the mountainous region where today thousands of Yezidi Iraqis are stranded.

After three months in Sinjar, Ismail, the chairman of the Yezidi Human Rights Organization, left for his home in Brampton, Canada, before Islamic militants escalated their campaign to wipe out non-Muslims.

Kamal stayed in Iraq, hoping to eventually obtain immigration status that would allow her to leave.

Now, she is one of some 40,000 Yezidis, a religious minority group, stranded on Mount Sinjar after fleeing militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, who threaten them with two choices.

“They either convert to Islam or die,” Ismail told The Daily Signal, standing this afternoon in a suit and tie in front of a gate guarding the White House.

This week, Ismail traveled from Brampton to Washington, D.C., to ask for U.S. action to save his…

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