Travel That: Oakland, CA

Tremendous Times

Travel That: Oakland, CA

This post originally appeared on HaveHeart Magazine.

I’ve lived in San Francisco for over two years, and I have ventured into Oakland literally a handful of times. I’ve always been of the mindset that all the action is in the city, and the East Bay is SF’s less interesting cousin. But after traipsing around Oakland on a sunny Saturday, my mind is officially changed!

I love food, but on days when I’m out exploring I usually just grab something quick to go for breakfast. Well, folks, not this day. Instead, head over to Beauty’s Bagel Shop right by the MacArthur BART station for some wood fired bagels. They’re not as large as NYC bagels, so you won’t feel overstuffed afterwards, and there are some pretty impressive options. I went with a basic salt and pepper bagel with cream cheese, but spiced things up with some creamy beet coleslaw. It…

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