Ukrainian Vaisnava Refugee Fund: Updates, fotos and letters


I’d like to inform you that our family (_______ prabhu, myself and our daughter ______) had to to move to Krasnodar (Russia). Before the war started we had lived in the downtown of Lugansk and planned to stay at the downtown and perform service in the yatra of Alchevsk. When the military operations intensified, our home turned out to be on the front line but till the last moment I had hoped that the war would be over soon. With great disappointment I can tell you that I am still quite strongly attached to everyday material conditions of life. It was difficult for me to leave everything: my friends, yatra, job, career, relatives – and go to some unknown situation. We left the very day when Lugansk was attacked by mortars and the next street became the battlefield. My brother followed me and found himself under air bombardment. We failed…

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