Rising to the challenge: The battle against Britain’s sperm shortage


DIY instant male fertility test on sale at Boots It is unlikely that these sperm are British (Picture: Alamy)

Sperm donors, your country needs you.

With 25 per cent of all sperm donors registered in the UK recruited from overseas now – an increase from 11 per cent in 2005 – more UK men are being asked to come forward to be donors.

Pip Morris, donor recruitment manager at the National Gamete Donation Trust, said: ‘We estimate that we need 500 sperm donors a year to meet the demands and the latest figures by the fertility regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), show that there were just 480 sperm donors back in 2010. Based on those figures and what we hear anecdotally, men are coming forward but we still need more.’

Despite a change in UK law in 2005 entitling any person born as a result of donation to request and receive their donor’s name and…

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