These vagina knickers are both incredible and anatomically correct


Vagina knickers Sinister or seductive?

If you’ve ever uttered the words ‘shall I just draw you a picture?’, well then these pants are for you.

The nude knickers offer a pretty in-depth glimpse at what lies beneath with an annotated tour of the inner workings of a lady garden.

It’s all there in unnervingly precise scientific detail, from the Fallopian tube right down to the ovaries.

Now, we understand there is a chance that if your would-be suitor is not a keen scientist, this may be a little off-putting. Nothing puts someone off sexytime like some anatomically correct vagina knickers, we imagine.

But, the more you stare at them, the more alluring they seem to become. And there’s really nothing more comfortable than a full brief is there ladies?

As one fan writes on Styleite: ‘I don’t even wear underwear but I want these’. Exactly.

Sadly, they do not yet appear to…

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