The Merrymakers

Last week I was invited by Unickz to the presentation of their new collection.

Unickz is a new concept that provides personalized, real Converse sneakers in basic colors (both high & low models) on which you can print your own designs, photos, logos, initials, prints, drawings,… If you always wanted a pink pair of All Stars with studs and your name on top, it’s all possible now. And a cute detail: baby/children’s sneakers are also available!

Besides the customization part, Unickz has its own offer (for the less creative people among us) of Converse as well, which is updated every two weeks. The standard collection includes snake-prints, the American flag, dip-dyes, the stud collection (with a choice of different types of spikes) and many more. The most popular item at the moment is the fruity All Star, can be recommended to all fans of raspberries, watermelons and pineapples.


So you want to create your own All…

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