PRAYERS: Nigeria Ends Investigation, 200 Schoolgirls Are Still Missing (VIDEO)

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[ione_ndn_embed video_id=26288248]

Heartbreaking news was delivered to the families of the 219 still-missing schoolgirls in Nigeriawhen it was reported that Nigerian officials have wrapped up their investigation after little progress was made since the abduction occurred in April.

According to Reuters, Brigadier General Ibrahim Sabo submitted the final report of the case on Friday. The report states that 219 girls are still captive under Islamic militant group Boko Haram. With previous kidnappings by the group ending in bloodshed, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan’s approach to finding the girls was a long and grueling process, with little to show during the past three months.

The government’s failure to rescue the girls, or protect them before their abduction, has become a political liability for President Goodluck Jonathan ahead of elections next year.

“We are … pained that the schoolgirls remain in captivity,” Sabo said in a statement. “The hostage situation…

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