Hooked on tanning? UV light may be addictive, study suggests

Global News

TORONTO – You can tell them they’re risking their health to get that golden glow, but tanning bed aficionados will still head to the salon for their weekly dose. New research suggests an addiction may be at play.

American researchers say that the ultraviolet radiation that helps the skin bronze may also trigger the release of a hefty dose of endorphins, the feel-good chemicals that can come from sex, drugs and exercise.

For their study, Massachusetts General Hospital scientists sought to understand why it’s been so hard to dissuade consumers from using tanning beds. There are public service announcements, campaigns and studies that have all outlined the link to skin cancer, yet frequent tanners aren’t phased.

Talk to tanning bed regulars and they’ll tell you anecdotally: the warmth, the results and the relaxation make them feel great.

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