Conversations with My Mom, On Her Self-Styled Life (Part 1)


the self-styled life

My Mom is awesome. She is a constant example to me as I try to create my own self-styled life—such a strong example, in fact, that I feel her story and advice is worth sharing with others looking for an alternative way in the world.

There is so much to say that I need to break it down into two posts: one about her family life, and one about her career life. [Note: This is NOT some metaphor to suggest that these two things have to exist separately in life. It’s a matter of logistics so I don’t overwhelm you.] I think you’ll find that the real value in her story is how her success in one has fed or inspired her success in the other—that these two “lives” have been mutually reinforcing. So this is the story of how she let that organic growth lead…

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