Freeway Takeovers and Urban Disruption

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Freeway protests on Highway 5 near La Jolla, CA circa Dec 2014

[Editor’s Note: Last night citizens in Chicago shut down Lake Shore Drive in protest over the Staten Island grand jury’s refusal to indict the police officer responsible for the choking death of Eric Garner. Yet in SoCal, protesters have been using the freeways as a vehicle for protest and political awareness for decades. UCSD PhD candidates Troy Araiza Kokinis and Jael Vizcarra explain the goals, meaning and context of these protests and others like them.]

Driving along the Interstate 5 in Southern California makes commuters privy to the militarization of port cities like San Diego. It is not unusual to encounter a tank headed to Camp Pendleton or a truck filled with “1.4 Explosives.” These sightings normalize the spatial coexistence of daily life with technologies of destruction. These quotidian reminders along the freeway belie the laid…

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Congress Passes Bill Declaring Israel Special Type of Ally

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by Jason Ditz
December 04, 2014
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Bill Creates Whole New Class of Allies Just for Israel

Congress pushed through the US-Israeli Strategic Partnership Act this week, a bill which creates a new class of special ally within the law called a “major strategic partner,” which only Israel will occupy.

Israel had officially been a “major non-NATO ally” since 1989, a position which included 15 nations in total and which entitles them to myriad benefits including priority delivery of arms purchases.

But with Ukraine, Georgia, and even Moldova being pushed as new “major non-NATO allies” the list was getting pretty watered down, so Congress has created a whole new class above that just for Israel.

The new class increases the amount of “emergency” US weaponry stashed in Israel, just months after Israel controversially raided that stockpile for the Gaza War, and provides guaranteed…

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White Sammy Sosa Seemed To Enjoy Art Basel Last Night (When He Ditched His Wife)

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I’m not sure how Sammy Sosa ended up in two different shirts and coats last night at Art Basel parties in Miami, but that’s exactly what went on with Slammin’. The big difference with the suits is that he wore the one with a tie while he was at a party with his wife. She’s not in the photos where Slammin’ isn’t wearing a tie. Maybe she went home to be with the kids while Sam went partying with his rich bros.

As for this Art Basel thing, if you’re not into being a rich Miami dbag, it’s probably not your scene. If trying to out dbag the guy next to you sounds like fun, Art Basel is for you.

Rich people walk around acting like they’re really into art, but they’re really just trying to figure out which person they want to sleep with at the end of the…

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TODAY: Officer recovering, nationwide protests over Eric Garner case, Orion launch delayed

TODAY: Officer recovering, nationwide protests over Eric Garner case, Orion launch delayed

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1. Denver officer hit by car in critical but stable condition after surgery

Four Denver Police officers were hit by a car Wednesday while escorting East High School students who walked out of class in protest of the decision not to press charges against the officer involved in the Ferguson, Mo., killing of Michael Brown. One officer underwent emergency surgery and was in critical but stable condition.

2. Suspect arrested in killing of Colorado teacher inside UAE mall restroom

A woman in the United Arab Emirates has been arrested in connection with Monday’s fatal stabbing of Ibolya Ryan, a 47-year-old teacher licensed out of Colorado.

3. PHOTOS: Students from East High walking out in Ferguson protest

Students from East High School in Denver walked out of classes Wednesday morning in a protest over a grand jury decision in Ferguson, Mo., last week. Much of the event was documented on social media.

4. Toy-related…

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Party with a Purpose helps families in need

Party with a Purpose helps families in need

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Topeka, KS (WIBW) — The Booth family’s spirits may by high, but the past 4 months have been a struggle since Mike Booth got laid off from his job.

“We are falling short on paying for gas and food and you know activities, it limits everything you do,” says Mike.

“We’re all in school right now, so we have to have gas money and it’s just frustrating knowing we might not be able to pay our bills for a month or two,”says their daughter, Brittany Nemecheck.

Which makes Christmas time even tougher…

“We got the little Wal-Mart catalogs and had the kids circle what they wanted,” says the mother, Carie Booth.

Now their own “Mrs.Claus” wants to make their holiday a little brighter.

“I definitely have a place in my heart that wants to help people,” says Sara Wilhelm.

For the last 6 years, Sara Wilhelm finds families…

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